Commercial Litigation

In today’s world, the business climate changes by the minute. The needs and priorities of businesses change just as rapidly to keep pace. Business itself is becoming more complex: transactions are increasingly international and intricate; regulatory spaces get broader and deeper. When disputes arise in this landscape, the pressures on corporate stakeholders — whether a general counsel or senior business executive — only increase. Our strategy is to effectively and efficiently vindicate your rights, achieve your business’s goals, and empower you to make reasoned decisions.

Diverse Knowledge Base

Whether you are considering or responding to a claim, your business and products deserve to be understood in the courtroom, not butchered by a litigation opponent. We have significant experience with numerous industries and products, from automobiles and airlines to financial services and information technology — businesses large and small.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

Your business also deserves to be represented by counsel whose experience matches the complexity of your dispute. We have represented clients in matters throughout the United States and abroad — on trial, in appeals, in bankruptcy court, and before various regulatory bodies, including FINRA, the SEC, and the CFTC. When our clients have faced civil actions and regulatory scrutiny at the same time, we have helped them navigate those challenges.

Early Assessment Advantage

Above all, your business deserves an outcome to its dispute without undue delay. With experience trying more than 200 cases to conclusion in court, arbitration, or before regulatory agencies, we begin thinking of a trial strategy on Day 1. Litigation opponents take note, making settlements or other resolutions more likely, expeditious, and favorable.